Student members have the opportunity to meet with others in their community with similar interests, and are able to keep abreast of the latest developments in mechanical engineering. In addition to various activities at the local level, regional and national functions are encouraged for CSME students. A part of the CSME Annual General Meeting (AGM) is devoted Student Affairs. A national Student Design Competition is held during the AGM as part of the technical sessions of the CSME Forum and the Canadian Congress of Applied Mechanics (CanCAM).

CSME Services for student members:

  • Providing current activities in all the chapters.
  • Disseminating information on current research issues in universities and industry.
  • Job Opportunities. Objective is to connect students to job opportunities. Our national professional association with active student chapters is good for all involved: the profession gets its new generation, the new generation gets its profession!
  • Student Affairs Active Faculty members; University student Sections Notices of technical meetings on pertinent and timely subjects.
  • Student Design Competition - An opportunity for participation in the annual Design competition.
  • Student Paper Competition (Under Development).
  • Student Gold Medal Award at Canadian Universities.
  • CSME Bulletin.
  • CSME Publications.
  • CSME Sponsored Forums and Conferences: An opportunity for participation in Regional, National and International Conferences. An invitation to CSME meetings and conferences as well as those of associated and co-operating societies. An opportunity to meet and associate with senior members of your profession.
  • Become a CSME Student Member

Join CSME Ryerson Chapter

To register as a student member of the CSME, email using your university email address, provide your name and expected date of graduation. By return email you will be informed of your membership number. The CSME Bulletin and Transactions are now available online